Nigeria police makes U-turn, says headquarters explosion not suicide bombing


The Nigeria Police have reversed themselves on their earlier claim linking last Thursday’s bomb explosion that rocked their headquarters in Abuja to a suicide bomber.

Briefing journalists at the Force Headquarters earlier today, the Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim, said it was premature to blame the explosion on a suicide bomber.

“Let me start by correcting the report about the fact that it is suicide bombing. Investigation has not been concluded to confirm the motive as to whether it is suicide bomb or time bomb or otherwise,” Mr. Ringim told a bewildered audience.

“Investigation into the bomb blast is on course and when there is development members of the media will be updated about the investigation but you will be patient and not allow your report to jeopardize investigations.”

Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Mr. Olusola Amore, had, on the day of the blast told journalists that the explosive was detonated  by a suicide bomber. Although he did not disclose his source, but the Police spokesperson insisted that it was a suicide bomber.

Mr. Amore, in what is a reflection of our police force’s ineptitude, made the claim even when no investigation had been carried out on the incident.

At his press conference, Mr. Ringim did not provide any update on what progress had been made in the investigation into the blast. He merely thanked President Goodluck Jonathan for visiting the scene of the explosion and paid tribute to late ASP Nangor Dangtim who died in the incident.

The IGP was to brief journalists yesterday on the explosion. But a few minutes before the commencement of the event, Lagos-based daily NEXT reported, he was summoned to the presidential villa where the national security adviser, Owoeye Azazi, ordered him to call off the press conference.

He was then made to rehearse his press conference with some presidential officials and instructed on what to say to journalists. He was also advised not to take questions from journalists after reading his address.