“How the police in Abuja saved my uncle’s life”

A Lagos-based citizen (referred to as Citizen B following his request that his name be withheld because he does not trust the police) chatted with Nigeria Police Watch (NPW) this morning on his experience, as he tried to get the police in Abuja to attend to a robbery incidence involving his uncle based in the city.

Citizen B: Is this Nigeria Police Watch?

NPW: Yes, Nigeria Police Watch. Have you visited www.nigeriapolicewatch.com? You can also like us on Facebook, and follow us on twitter (naijapolizwatch).

Citizen B: Oh my God! I needed you badly.

NPW: How?

Citizen B: Armed robbers were attacking my people at Federal Housing Estate Lugbe (in Abuja). But thank God sha, I got your people at last. But you still need to improve because your numbers were not going. I had to call an uncle.

NPW: You see, Nigeria Police Watch is not owned by the Nigeria Police. It’s a civil society effort to expose police’s inefficiency and help citizens live more secure lives. We are trying to name and shame bad policemen, celebrate exemplary officers, expose bad conducts, and assist citizens to better access police services via important information provided on our site

NPW: Kindly do us a report of your experience as you try to get police officers to the scene of the robbery. We look forward to publishing it.

Citizen B: My uncle pinged me around 1am. He said armed robbers were forcing their way in. He said they were threatening to kill them. And that most of his friends were not picking calls. So I sent out a distress call on my blackberry chat and my Facebook.

Citizen B: So Friends started making suggestions. They gave me numbers like 199, 767, 08023127351, 090408721, 093148360, and 112. But none of these could help.  And some, like 112, 767 claimed they are meant for Lagos alone. I then called a friend who connected me with her uncle. The uncle helped alerted a police friend in Abuja. So, the police arrived at the scene and chased the bastards away. But some laptops, lass wigs, Brazilian hairs were taken away from his car that was broken into.

NPW: Thanks a lot. This is a testimony that the police can do well if they really want to. Next time, there are several reliable contact numbers of police locations on Nigeria Police Watch. It includes those of commissioners, spokespersons and emergency control rooms.

Citizen B: Alright sir. Please, how do I get those numbers?

NPW: Go to the website. Click on police contacts for numbers for commissioners/spokespespersons. Click on police stations for tel nos/addresses of police stations. You don’t need to call layers of friends to reach the police.

Citizen B: Ok sir. Thank you so much.

NPW: We will publish your story. Where are you based?

Citizen B: Lagos.

NPW: What’s your name or alias you want on the story?

Citizen B: Hmmm! Am afraid of this people oo!

NPW: Ok.

Citizen B: Yes ooo!

NPW: Thanks a lot. Keep intimating us with issues like this.