Policemen at the Ewet Housing Police Division in Uyo demand bribes before attending to armed robbery

By Citizen Sammy

It is only in our beloved country that such things happen! A senior friend of mine was robbed last thursday night on his way back from work. The bandits, who failed in their bid to kidnap him, inflicted machete cuts on him.

When he managed to escape, he rushed to the nearest police station, which is the divisional police headquarters in Ewet Housing Estate in Uyo, to complain.

After narrating his ordeal to the policemen on duty, he was asked to part with some money before officers could be dispatched to the crime scene. Shocked to the marrow, the man, who has just been robbed of his laptop, digital camera, four mobile handsets & the sum of N 147,000, left the police station disappointed.

Fortunately for him, he ran into a police patrol team, which immediately followed him to the scene of the crime but nothing could be recovered. They advised him to go to the “C Division” for the matter to be incidented. At the station, he was once again asked to part with money before investigation could commence.