Port Harcourt residents groan under illegal police “toll gates”

By Ukari C.Obene

Why does the Rivers State Command of the Nigeria Police Force continue to pay lip service towards some of her corrupt officers’ attitude of mounting illegal roadblocks and extortion of money from innocent and law-abiding motorists on the streets of Port Harcourt?

Why can’t they emulate the Bayelsa State Command by setting up a committee to arrest and prosecute the bad eggs among the Police? Can the Rivers State Command claim ignorance of the collection of N50 at roadblocks everywhere in Port Harcourt? Is the Nigeria Police so corrupt?

I challenge and urge the police to redeem her image by setting up a task force to arrest these corrupt police officers who constitute a menace to the society by their dubious action on Port Harcourt roads. I commend the Bayelsa State Command of the Nigeria Police Force for standing up to stamp out rotten policemen among them.

In a subsequent email to Nigeria Police Watch, Mr. Obene wrote, “Thank you so very much for responding to my submission with regards to the menace of some rotten policemen on Port Harcourt road.I must keep on shouting until this rubbish stops. Do you know that when I report the matter to the Police Headquarters, Moscow Road, here in Port Harcourt via their mobile lines 08032003514 and 08073777717, they claimed ignorance and thereafter did nothing about it? Just come to Port Harcourt and you will see for yourself what I have been crying about.

Are the policemen so poor that they will be collecting illegal money on the road and thereby bringing shame to Nigeria? Thank you for your good work of ensuring the flushing out of the bad eggs in the Nigeria Police Force.