“The Divisional Police Officer in Ewekoro is inept, unprofessional and corrupt”

By Citizen Bimpe

The Nigeria Police Force is getting worse and worse by the day. The police are truly the friend of the society but some chaffs in the grains are spoiling the name of the force. Most of the police personnel that are destroying the police are in the top hierarchy of the force.  A lot of them are Divisional Police Officers, otherwise known as DPOs.

I am a native of Itori located in Ewekoro LGA, Ogun State. A DPO was posted to Itori about two years ago. This DPO has brought great agony to the entire Ewekoro LGA as residents in areas such as Papalanto, Itori, WAPCO, Arigbajo are groaning under armed robbery attacks every now and then. So far, the DPO does not appear to care about the rising crime rate in the community.

He is more interested in making money through the illegal roadblocks his men have mounted at strategic points in the community. He claims the road blocks are meant to reduce the robberies going on in the area but, his boys collect N50 from each commercial vehicle that drive past, and assault private vehicle owners who refuse to offer bribes.

Three brutal robberies occurred in the area between June 2011 and August 2011. In one of such incidents, which claimed lives of innocent people, a bank was robbed right opposite WAPCO. It a fatal incident as a youth corp member was killed by dynamite and a lot of people were injured. The robbers spent more than an hour robbing business ventures in the vicinity.

The robbers later stopped at Papalonto, less than half a mile to WAPCO and robbed a fishery store. At Papalanto junction,  they fired shots at innocent people. No police officer was around to give them a chase, and the police have not bothered to hunt the gang down till today. All the DPO is busy doing is  collecting bribe form WAPCO and the newly constructed Cement factory in Ewekoro.