“Owerri police saved me from kidnappers”


By Patrick Isip

I want to use this medium to commend Nigeria Police for the help they rendered to me at Owerri, Imo State, last month, when I travelled  to Port Harcourt. The story goes like this. I boarded a bus which claimed to be heading for Port Harcourt via Aba at Oshodi in Lagos. But when we got to Owerri, a long way away from our destination, the driver ordered all the pasengers to alight from his bus and proceed to their various destination on their own.

I  was livid, and I challenged him that he either had to refund part of the fare I  paid or drive me to Port Harcourt, my destination. Angered by my effrontery, the driver bundled me into his bus, locked up the bus and drove me to an unknown destination. As he drove recklessly along, he threatened to beat me mercilessly and rob me of my luggage and other belongings.

But as fate would have it, we ran into a police van on our way. I quickly opened the window glasses of the bus and began to shout in the direction of the police officers that I had been kidnapped. The police understood my cries and quickly jumped into their van and went in pursuit of our bus. Before long, they caught up with us, and rescued me from the bus. They also compelled the bus driver to refund a part of my fare to enable me to proceed to Port Harcourt.

The police officers then drove me like a king to the nearby motor park where I caught a bus and continued with my journey to Port Harcourt.

  • Inoma Olan

    There is nothing too special about this police action to warrant comments like, “These are stories from NYPD not the NPF”. The NPF does better operations than simply rescuing a citizen who simply asserted his right and was being frightened by the driver. There are many untold stories in that piece, because the driver could not have bundled our passenger friend into the vehicle with a view to kidnapping him without being obstructed by any person; especially when you consider the circumstances and altercations that led to the supposed kidnapping. My hunch is that our passenger friend refused to alight from the vehicle when other passengers have done so, and the driver must have been pissed off by his refusal to drop, decides to drive him along. He got frightened and called for help. The police, having found out that it was not a case of kidnapping, had decided to resolve the conflict between them without more.  The police should be encouraged to do more, and not maligned even when they have shown very little effort at saving me and you. If you dislike the police so much, next time when someone is attacked or kidnapped or even robbed, you should endeavour to call the tugs for rescue.

  • Kol

    This does appear to be a ‘sponsored write up’.  What happened to the bus driver?  What charges were filed against him? In a decent society, that driver (if this story s true) should be charged with kidnapping and other sundry charges.

  • End_moll

    My  man how much were you paid to write this? This are stories from NYPD not the NPF.