“Police ignored complaints about my son who threatens to kill me and use his mother for ritual”

Baldwin Ujor lives with his family in Karu, a suburb of Abuja. He however has lost peace at home because one of his sons grew recalcitrant since 2003.

Mr. Ujor says he has had a long running battle with his 27-year-old son joined a secret cult in the Federal University of Technology, Minna.

The son was later expelled from the university and since then, he has had to rely on civil authority – the local police – to discipline his son. But after several complaints over the years, the local police told him off without really taking up his case.

“The police said I am a stupid father,” he said.

He added that the police severally ignored his complaints and waved him aside saying he doesn’t know what to do with his son “suggesting that I should maybe kill him extra judicially.”

Recently, he said his son has threatened to kill his mother and niece for money rituals and sleeps in the roof and not on a bed.

He is scared. On 5 September he wrote the FCT police commissioner an “SOS.”

Below is a copy of that SOS as obtained by Nigeria Police Watch.

Block E Flat 1
Forme CU Quarters
FCT Abuja

The FCT Commissioner of Police
Police Headquarters
5th September, 2011


S.O.S !!

I find myself in an awful situation that forces me to humbly ask for an SOS protection clause. My son, 27, vows to eliminate me by hook orcrook .Before it is too late I would wish myself an intervention.

This episode started 2003, when I discovered that my son had become a cultist in his University, Federal University of Technology, Minna.

All efforts to rehabilitate him proved abortive and before I could think of an alternative, he was kicked out of the Institution, Eversince he has been home, stealing all our valuables and money where he sees it, eating up anything eatable, tearing the whole doors in the house looking for valuables – in fact rendering the house inhabitable.

In recent times, he is finding it more and more difficult to operate and he is getting more frustrated and is threatening, raining abusive words and hiding away under the roof of the house whose ceiling he has torn down.

I am really afraid he is up to anything above me,especially threatening that he will use his mother or the little granddaughter for ritual. Isn’t that crazy? Please, come to my aid!

Respectfully yours

Baldwin Ujor

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    baldwin remember okonkwo/ikemefuna in “things fall apart”? enough said.