Police officers at a Port Harcourt station demand N5000 bribe before attending to armed robbery complaints

By Citizen Andy

This is my  first time of getting to this site, and I like to thank those who created this platform for giving me the opportunity  to write this message down. I reside in Port Harcourt,  Rivers State. Please, I like to inform you that the police station at Iwofe Road (after big three market) has been turned into a business place, where if you are robbed and you report your case there, the police won’t act unless you pay N5000 bribe.

Once you are not able to pay, the police women sitting behind the counter push you out of the police station after listening to your complaints.

Secondly, Elepranwo (by car wash), Port Harcourt, Rivers State,  has turned into a robber-free zone. Last month, some armed robbers were caught by the residents and handed over to the police. We were shocked to learn that the police collected N200, 000 naira from them and then set them free. Now, the robbers are walking free and are now molesting people here.

Police authorities should please do something about these issues as matters are getting out of hand.