Police officers in Iju Ishaga in Lagos terrorise innocent citizens

By Citizen Emmanuel

It is becoming quite embarrassing and disheartening that law enforcement agents are becoming lawless themselves. They threaten and harass innocent citizens they are supposed to protect. The most disturbing trend I have noticed is the checkpoint mounted at Toyin bus-stop at Iju Ishaga by police officers from red house, and they extort and embarrass private car owners, okada and keke NAPEP riders, and passersby all in the name of enforcing the law. On one particular occasion , I was a victim of the officers’ harassment.

I was returning late from work coming one night and on walking past them, working past them, they stopped me and questioned me in an unfriendly tone on where I was coming from. I explained to them that I was returning from work. They then requested for my ID card, which unfortunately was not on me at the time.  They threatened to brutalize me and arrest me.

I responded by telling  them that I had done nothing wrong but they insisted I was a criminal for walking on the street at that time of the night. They kept yelling and threatening to deal with me. For fear that they might harm me, I started pleading with them for mercy even when I knew I didn’t do anything wrong. Please, the state government should do something about these corrupt officers, so they do no spoil the name of the good ones.