Nigerian bullied by a top police officer is seeking your advice

Gabriel Onifade rendered computer repairs services to a police Supritendent at Area D (Olosan) police station at Mushin in May this year. His services were worth N21, 000 but the police officer paid him on N10, 000 at the time and threatened to incarcerate him if he demanded for the balance. Mr. Onifade complained to us and his story was published on this site. On Tuesday, the police officer invited him to come collect the balance of N11, 000. He went, but it wasn’t a good business trip; he didn’t have receipts for the roadside hardware he bought. Below is his ordeal and he is seeking your advice. Please leave an advice for him. I was there today as expected. Initially, he paid the balance payment of N11, 000 but he rejected my Invoice. He insisted I must produce the receipt for my purchase else “I will enter his hands.” He threatened he was boiling already. He handed me to the police officers that I must produce the receipt before leaving with the money. What I did was to leave the money with one of the officers as he suggested. Though I mentioned to them I didn’t get any receipt for any of the purchases when I made them and it is now difficult to demand such as the transaction is over 18 weeks they insisted I must produce receipts. I want to believe ‘our friend’ Police Officer is not a villain. I’m suspecting they may want to use any receipt I bring to accuse me of false evidence using police from another zone/area. I opine he doesn’t know the value of the services I offered him or he is rather choosing to be something else. My frustration is this; every police officer I have reported to were not as computer literate to explain to him better. They would rather support his view – ‘because … he’s the BOSS!’. Please I need your advice

  • Abogunrinayodeji

    nigeria police are nuisance to our economy, what exactly is there duty? they can only threaten civilians but scared of thieves. 

    • Zira mike

      I wish all Nigerian would be as patriotic as you well done for saying it as it is.

  • Mp3weeklynewpaper

    I hope u are projecting our 9ja police well to outside world?