Kwara resident accuses two police divisions in Ilorin of supporting armed robbers

Ilorin Street

A street in ilorin, Kwara state capital


I am P. (name withheld to avoid reprisal) from Ilorin, Kwara State.  I want to report two police stations: B division and D division. I have evidence to prove my claims.

I swear  some top officers in the Divisions and some other police officers  (names withheld because we are yet to get reactions from the named police officers)  are supporting armed robbers. Armed robbers are stealing cars in our area. They know about it but have  never done anything about it.

I stay at Agbo-Oba area in Ilorin, Kwara State. The worst part of it is that rather than move against the robbers, they are after innocent citizens. I was a victim of their random arrest. I have never stolen neither have I ever robbed. They arrested me for corrupt profits, locked me up and asked me to pay a lot of money.

I was born to a poor family. My father is late but my mother had to look for money to bail me out. You can send your security agents to find out if  I am lying.  Please do something before things get out of hands.


A good citizen of Nigeria