MTN staff petitions Nigeria police chief over police extortion, corruption in Ojo/Alimosho

Inspector General of Police


Dear Sir,


I write to inform you of the abuse of office/uniform of some policemen who stand on the road along Iyana-Iba – Igando – Isheri road (Ojo/ Alimosho LGA) in Lagos state. These uniformed men have turned themselves to tax collectors collecting huge sums from commercial bus drivers.

They mount 12 check points along this road collecting sums between N30:00 to N100:00. They do not consider the traffic on the road as they actually cause this traffic. If a commercial motorist refuses to pay them, they beat him up and delay him for hours.

They start their operation from 6pm and stay their till midnight. This is a daily activity for them. Ironically, if a rumour comes by that there are robbers on the road; they all disappear as I witnessed that situation on Tuesday.

Sir, I will like you to use your good office to tackle this issue as their tax collecting has constituted a chain reaction i.e. increased bus fare and reduced income for the commercial drivers. They no longer undergo their normal security work as soon as they collect their tax

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation