Oyo, Lagos residents want police to call corrupt Inspectors Damina Yahaya, Jeremiah to order

Resident says some police officers are hemp smokers

A resident of Okeho in Oyo State, who gave his name as Akin, has called on the police authorities in the state to caution one Damina Yahaya, a police officer attached to the police formation in the town. In an email to Nigeria Police Watch, Akin named Yahaya among officers who were in the habit of harrassing innocent motorists and commuters passing through a popular location in Okeho town – the Alayande Emmanuel College lalate junction at Maya.

The complainant said Yahaya led the an unruly gang of extortionist  on Sunday, October, 23, 2011,  who mounted a roadblock, making life uncomfortable for users of the road.

He said while on the spot, Yahaya “brutalised innocent citizens” and displayed other unsavoury tendencies he believed was giving the police a bad name.

“Let the police authority check the excesses of its members at this place so that those bad eggs will not spoil the names of the good police officers,” Akin said.

Shortly before Akin sent in his submission, we received via a text message a complaint from a resident of Dopemu in Lagos, saying police officers stationed at the Dopemu bridge were misbehaving on duty, and threatening to kill cab drivers who fail to offer them bribes. She named an Inspector Jeremiah as the leader of the team.

The submitter said, “Hello sir, the police officers posted around Dopemu bridge are corrupt, and are misbehaving on duty. In my presence one night, they wanted to kill one cab driver because the  cab man refused to give them money. They first requested for money and the driver said, “Please oga police I no get change.” In anger, the police ordered  everybody in the car to come down for a search.  They searched my husband and the driver, checked his vehicle paper. Everything was correct and the officers became angry with the driver that they found nothing against him that could yield a bribe. Apparently frustrated, the officers abused the driver  and driver responder in like manner. That was how a fight ensued and they almost killed the driver. And they behave that way everyday.”