Police extortion goes on unchecked on Oshodi Road

Nigeria Police on Roadblock

It is still business as usual (for police collecting bribes and extorting motorists) along Oshodi Road, Lagos Nigeria.

As I was coming to my office this afternoon, the (thieves) wearing Police uniform were busy extorting N100 from danfo drivers. Some of them had extorted in the early hours of the day calling it morning duty. Now the afternoon duty guys have come out turning Ile-Epo Bus-stop to Mecca of milking danfo drivers’ money.

By 6.30pm, the evening duty guys will come out making it N300 a driver will give Police if he is to ply on that route for the day. Similarly, they are extorting along Mafoluku road.

What has Nigerian Police Force turn to,Tax collector or Revenue collector.  Don’t the IGP, AIGs, PCs, DCPs, ACPs/AC and DPO read the report and comments of people on this platform or is it when it’s their family member they will come out and comment?

What a shame to Nigerian Police Force.

Citizen Okoro