Police officers and their talents for sniffing N20, N50 notes

Police officers scrambling for naira thrown at them by politicians


There is something exotic about the smell of money. The naira, especially, has its own allure which drives even supposed men of reason (judges, for instance, are knowledgeable and men of reason) insane. But it appears that only men of The Nigeria Police have the capacity to recognise the special allure of the naira.

THE ordinary policeman from practice understands the smell of each denomination of the naira. He can tell the smell of the N20 note from either  the N50 or N100 note. He knows the rubbery texture of the N50 note compared with the paperyfeel or crispness of the N100 note.

IT is not known whether Nigerian policemen are trained in the art of naira-sniffing just as  its canines are trained to sniff drugs and/or criminals; but the ability of the Nigerian policemen to sniff money, especially N20 and N50 notes, is legendary. And they gave practical demonstration of their dexterity at sniffing money to the world last Wednesday in Abuja at the venue of the trial of former Lagos State governor, Bola Tinubu. The officers were photographed scrambling for money allegedly thrown at them as bones would be thrown to dogs. The policemen were said to have growled with ecstasy as they launched an attack on the money. Not even the shout of Boko Haram would have distracted or dissuaded them from carrying out their  mission.

THE police high command was reported to have expressed anger at the demonstration of its men and was said to be calling for their heads. But we would recommend that their noses rather than their heads be taken. Indeed, the noses of all police officers, including those of the police authorities, should be cut off. If they are rid of their olfactory organ, they won’t have the capacity to smell or get the whiff of money. Cab drivers and commercial motorcyclists would certainly concur.