Police officers encourage sale of indian hemp in Abuja, says resident

Resident says some police officers are hemp smokers


Submitted via phone number +234706130….

Good day Nigeria Police Watch.

I am writing to report an unfortunate development in a  particular community in Abuja to you. There is this guy who sells indian hemp in a community in Mararaba, on the outskirt of Abuja. The guy normally goes to the market to buy as much as nine bags of hemp. One day, I was inside my house house when  I observed some police officers going to the hemp seller to collect money, which I believe is a bribe to enable the hemp seller to continue his trade unmolested. What I am saying is the truth, and nothing but the truth. If investigators are sent there, they will catch a lot of people smoking hemp, including police officers and soldiers, who ordinarily should enforce our laws. After smoking hemp, some of the smokers proceed to commit armed robbery and other crimes.

The address to the place. When you get to Mararaba, stop by Nasarawa bus stop. Then take a motorcycle to Farinruwa. Go in the direction of the dumpsite , then go right. You will find a lot of people around smoking hemp. The police is aware but have done nothing because their men are fueling the practice.

Nigeria Police Watch: This is not the first time we are receiving report on the indiscriminate sale of indian hemp in Mararaba. Last month, a citizen who gave his name as Gab sent in a report indicating that  a boy was selling hemp like groundnuts close to Mararaba Police station. The complainant had at the time appealed to the Divisional Police Station in the community to stand up and act.

The sale of indian hemp remains a crime in Nigeria


  • I live in Eldorado but i have also never heard of this nasarawa bus stop.

  • xtian

    I know mararaba inside out and has not heard of this nasarawa bus stop. please explain more becvause i want to carry out my research too. which are the bus stops before and after this nasarawa bus stop to enable me locate it easily. i presently stay in mararaba