Nigeria police increase bribe fees as Christmas approaches

Nigeria Police on Roadblock

Thursday evening on my way home at Akanimodo going to Ikorodu road Lagos. The police men at the junction stopped my bus drive and ask him for the money:

POLICE:   Oya wa the money
DRIVER:   Take

The driver now brought out fifty Naira and gave it to the police man, to my greatest surprise the police man refuse it and I thought they have repented not for me to hear him say…

POLICE:    Na 100 Naira be my money
DRIVER:    Watin happen she be na 50 Naira ona dey collect before
POLICE:    u no know say Christmas don come.
DRIVER:    I no get 100 Naira ho, abeg manage am
POLICE:    Because I just tell u this night tomorrow no forget ho

And so he collected the money before we left the place. Somebody in the bus now said that they should remove their uniform and start robbing, because there is no difference between arm robbers and our Nigeria police men.

A citizen report culled from Nairaland