Police officer caught on camera brutalising a passenger in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos police officer tugging passenger

Police officer in Lagos tugging a passenger's shirt


It happened right in front of me. A police officer in uniform and one in mufti , stopped the taxi in the picture and asked to see the receipts for the goods in the booth of the cab. One of the passengers provided the receipt and his ID card indicating he is a staff of one NNPC’s  depots.

The police officer in uniform carefully considers the document and suddenly blurts out: I’m not satisfied with this! ‘Mr man come down’ he says to the man seating in front. But the man refused, asking him(the officer) to go sit in the back of the cab instead.

At this point, the officer starts tugging on the guys shirt in a bid to drag him out of the cab and seat in front. I guess that was when I took the shot.He was later taken away to Tolu police station, Olodi, Apapa where he was certainly extorted.

Reported by CR Emeka

  • George Cool87

    If i were the insulted guy who the police drag out of the cab front sit,i will let him go and gun him down someday ahead,being a police don’t make him being stupid and lack of respect,

  • Zira_mike

    Nigerians and the nigerian government should understand that such acts are carried out by rouge police officers and should there by give nigerians the right to self defence in such cases of  obsene human right abuses.

    • Keem Ishola2008

      And in lieu of ur aclaimed self defence,what did u get? killed… What is d usefulness trying 2 take laws into ur hands by disregarding, d authourity? Do d right thing 2 respect urself, ur 
      family and d AUTHOURITY!

      • Zira mike

        Look! seems you didnt understand my comment I mean self defence as in the right given by the Government to legaly intervene detain and handover to a relevant authority like human rights Police and have him arrested because this guy is a criminal he is not the AUTHORITY as you say. Yes Good Police are the Authority but this guy has just striped him self of power and authority by comiting serious Human right abuses. The police should be servants of the law. You and so many nigerian just dont understand your rights. Any police acting like this is a complete disgrace to the Police and Nigeria as a whole if I was a police officer I would completely disasosiate my self from such people and furthermore I always respect my self my family and the police especially.