• Tosin

    The write of the rubbish is a
    very stupid person, laying stupid petitions against a man that has made Lagos state a better place for all and sundry to live in, you should go and remove him yourself. Bastard, instead of complaining to the IG!!!

  • My travels take place here in the Tokyo subways, in the backseat of a
    taxi… all of a sudden this city will start to go. In a flash, the
    buildings will crumble. Over the Tokyo streets will fall my China, like
    ash, leaching into everything it touches. Slowly, gradually, until
    nothing remains. 

  • jibs

    sorry but ur mad tunde sobulo is a good man smart man for nigeria his dey people man please remove dis rubbish i beg u ok is one of dey smarties police in nigeria he friendly dat hw police are supoosed to be my guy ok  hw many niger police skul in usa u be mumu aby beg fool 

  • J. Help

    I have tried to report crimes I have seen and those committed on Lagos Kaduna Expressway and no one is listening. This country is becoming hopeless. You arrest a criminal and they pay N2000 and you let them go. Nigeria..

  • Mj

    you can’t imagine the amount of lawlessness going on in that area, some of those boys even pose as law enforcement agent by threaten the lives of residents in the area. its so pathetic. i was harassed some couple of months ago on my way from work i was so tired from the stressful day, suddenly one of them just stood in front me, asking me to identify myself, he wants to search my bag,saying all sorts of thing i cant even relate with, am i jplorn member? fortunately for me i still have some my secondary school jinx in me, when i unleash first voice, they try to act all stupid but when i didn’t give in, they just gave way thinking i could be a very wrong person to mess with. and they were so right…. please do something oooo, i cant just give up on this country but am getting tired.