Omoku DPO illegally detains, extorts 80-year old of N30,000

Police Extortion

The IG of police recently said bail fees were illegal, but his men still collect it rampantly

I am writing to report the unacceptable work behaviour of the police officers at Omoku police station in River State. The D.P.O detained an innocent old man of 80years (in the cell with criminals), for more than 24hrs and later collected N30, 000 as bail charge.

He told us himself that after interviewing the people concerned, he found out that the old man is not guilty of the alleged crime. But to my surprise he asked for N30,000 before he can release the old man. I am sad about this and I want justice plus the money to be returned to the poor old man.

Could someone please put a check on the D.P.O of Omoku police station because this is not the first time he is doing this. They should stop using any little opportunity to extort money from these poor villagers.

By Citizen Smart