Junior police officers accuse Frank Mba, other top police officers of monumental corruption

Frank Mba...His subordinates accuse him of corruption

Some junior police officers in Lagos have written to the Lagos State Police Commissioner accusing a former spokesperson of the Lagos Police, Frank Mba, and other top officers in the command of extorting them in exchange for juicy postings. They said the officers force them to pay between 10 and 13 percent of monies they make from duty posts. Those who refused to pay are promptly withdrawn from their duty posts and then given punitive postings.

A copy of the petition was made available to Nigeria Police Watch.  

Read full text (unedited) of petition below.

o Compol ‘A’


Decompol. ‘A’

With profound respect Compol ‘A’; Sir we wish to inform your able leadership of massive corruption without borders and disgusting way in which unholy extortion of money against the wish of we the Junior Officers of B’Ops personnel, it has been going on like wildfire and this negate the professional ethics of Nigeria Police Force regulation and this SPO’s are over pressurising us to do the unthinkable to satisfied their urge for bribe.

In the same building housing COMPOL’A’ this SPO’s Waheed Ayilara (CSP-baker),  Shittu Aka Jimoh (ASP-A/O) and Frank Mba(SP-O/c,Opg) are closing down approved beats and witdrawing men from their beats to negotiate bribe under duress and collecting money of 55/45% from rank/files with impunity under the name of Decompol-B’Ops interview is an affront and aberrant to social norm.

The quagmire of corruption and depravity to high standard of integrity and moral rectitude; is the clutches of anarchy and social injustice. This criminality “baboon they work and monkey they chop.is shameful” by Baker and A/O. And ASP Shittu Aka Jimoh has over stay in B’Ops for period five years now in that office no transfer, but why? Its obvious that sit tight approach breed corruption in any insttutions.

Today Mr.Frank Mba ~O/c. OPG has form a parallel Police Command at Lekki OPG secretariat chevron building. The police men posted out of OPG as duly signed signal by the commissioner of police is yet to be obeyed, because officers involved in that transfered since july, 2011 were not fully released to proceed by Frank Mba and those posted to replaced them has been on standby and stranded since july, 2011 no posting, these is absurdity.
And the inspectors promoted to ASP are still in OPG shamelessly performing the duties of rank and files helping whitemen and their wives in their companies to carry hand bags (doing eye service and become servitude to oyibo). eg.S/O (ASP)~TOTAL OIL that has two postings; one in RRS and also as S/O,is this not open fraud .

The secret scenario of Frank Mba refusal to release them to proceed on transfer is because they are machinist of widespread bribe collectors being use by O/c OPG to extort money from the junior officers to satisfied his personal needs, what a rapacious proud officer (SPO) who claimed to be richier than commissioner of police but with dirty bribe money and a reek attitude.

And every personnel of OPG pay compulsory 10% as you earn to the O/c Frank Mba every month ending. As if dat is not enough of this abyss criminality,this yuletide season boys paid extra return call 13% (money) under duress and we purchase bags of rice, vegetable oil, and turkey, base on the pressure through his various S/O from all the companies under OPG as request by O/c Frank Mba for onward delivery to lagos state police command etc…
Sir the rank and files under B’ops are being suffocated and are made to pay through their nose unholy return of money by force or else you will be witdrawn from your beat, we’re sick and tired of this institutionised corruption.

Please sir kindly transfer (do alway)these SPO’s out they are evil-doer, men without conscience or remorse to mankind and this culture of amnesia must stop now before it get to the press and the whole world!



CC: Decompol. ‘B’OPS,

CC: Presspol,

CC:  Presspol,

  • buzo

    my thoughts exactly,what engish.despicable.at least,Frank Mba is well spoken

  • Idokoejeh

    There are many complaints now against Frank Mba and unfortunately, he is moving up. Is it not better for the police authority to investigate some of these allegations before moving him to higher position in view of their tainted image?

  • Ghanhalee01

    please live this office and let him concentrate on his job.