Lagos police officers extort visitors to South African embassy

Nigeria Police on Roadblock

Visa applicants are rounded up, driven to a nearby location and extorted

Police in Lagos are never in short supply of nasty extortion ideas. Biodun Bodurin, a citizen reporter explains one of these officers’ latest at the South African embassy in Lagos.

By Biodun Bodunrin

It is quite disheartening and frustrating that the South African Application Center in Ikoyi has been turned to a point of exploitation by the members of the Nigeria Police, Lagos Command.

It is an eye-sour in the vicinity.

Police would round up prospective applicants, drive them meters away from the Visa Application Center, and through coercive intimidation and threat, innocent applicants were made to pay between twenty to forty-two thousand Naira.

Legitimate business men,visitors and prospective investors to South Africa are being harassed by the Nigeria Police who finds delight in extorting applicants coming into the South Africa visa application center.

I however seek for the quick intervention of your good office in correcting this ugly trend which could have adverse effect on the Visa Center, the South African High Commission in Nigeria and the good people
of the Republic of South Africa.

The Police officers that are extorting in the area have never taken anyone to court for any visible offence. They are only there to harass, intimidate and exploit innocent applicants.

I therefore, suggest that your good office notify the Inspector General of Police and the Lagos State Police Commissioner of this harassment by the Police.