Police in River state disregard IG, keeps extortion road-blocks

Despite IGP's order, the officer still mount road-blocks

A citizen reporter writes how police in River state continues to mount road-blocks, extorting motorists in the state, despite an order prohibiting road-blocks by the police boss.

Police checkpoint still stands in Abua Odua Local Government Area of Rivers State of Nigeria without fear of the  Inspector General of Police’s order banning police roadblocks in Nigeria.

One question we the people plying the Ahoade-Abua-Degema Road is asking is whether the Obua Odua LGA is not part of Nigeria. Is it not under the command of the new Inspector General of Police?.

Of course collection of money is particularly the main reason for being on the checkpoint from transporter who would rather bribe the police than waste their business time security checks.

The police take advantage of the transporters’ haste and willingness to offer bribes at checkpoints to stand confidently, threatening to shoot any one who refuse to give.


By CR Kings