Nigerian Police in indiscriminate arrest in Ubulu-Uku, Delta state

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Police in the area are said to randomly arrest residents and extort them through paid bail. Those that fail to pay for bail end in prison.

Police officers at Ubulu-Uku police station in the Aniosha South of Delta state arrest residents rampantly, without just cause. They extort their victims. People arrested are made to pay N10,000. If they fail, they are taken to court.

My case is an example. I was arrested  for no just cause and locked up in cell and without a statement sent to court.

I was lucky that I was quickly bailed by an uncle in court that day. Otherwise, I was slated to be remanded in prison custody.

I want the police force to come to the rescue of the Ubulu-Uku people as they are held to hostage by the D.O and his boys.

By Azuka

  • Gabrieam

    The situation of the police  in ubulu uku is frustrating,ubulu uku has been a peace loving town, criminal record have never been in our history, unlawful arrest have been an order of the day. In the police we have bad egg, but the few police posted to ubulu for protection of life and property have turn out to become the rotten eggs in the police..They arrest unlawfully ,They detain unlawfully, and cases are charged to court without following due process,  lawlessness… GABRIEL  AMINAH…….Udo Quarters