Kogi Police can’t keep hands off roadblock bribes

Police Extortion

This is to report that despite the cancelation of road block by the Inspector General of Police, police covering Ajaokuta Local Government Adogo in Kogi State and their colleagues in same area are still found  extorting money on the road between Okene and Ajaokuta.

I travelled from Lagos to Ajaokuta on May 25th, 2012.

I was glad that IGP was in control until I found that ugly situation.

Police extortion at roadblocks is a rampant criminal act in Nigeria police force. This police also went on robbing people with our tax-purchased gun at odd hours.

I know their DPO or Commissioner will tell you this is not true. That would amount to lie to cover up their evil deeds.
This is true and demands immediate action from your office.

The IGP told them to be patrolling the roads. While I saw some along the major highways, most places are not covered.

Kindly stop these criminals from extorting and killing innocent Nigerians travelling to Benue or Ajaokuta en-route Okene.

By CR Fredrick