“IGP Mohammed Abubakar has done well but…”

“I must commend the IGP  for finding the courage to cancel the ATM on our roads popularly called police checkpoints. When the current IG. was appointed in an acting capacity, I,  like most other Nigerians had my doubt especially because of the damming reports about his activities in the Jos crises.

“But since then, I have watched him insist on the cancellation of the road blocks and I feel comfortable with his insistence. But it is not yet Uhuru.

“There are still some men and officers of the force who are yet to become born again in the true spirit of the new police. Such persons should be shown the way out immediately.

“The areas of police bail and minor traffic offences that ought not to attract payment of any kind should be looked into critically.

“I love the miem of the IG. I love hi

Inspector General of Police Mohammed Abubakar receives a rare commendation from a citizen

s physique. He is trim and fit. God bless you sir. At least for now you seem like the oasis in a desert of corruption.”

Citizen Joe

  • ozano

    you can never redeem the police.tell me that police man who does not collect egunje.we know what happens in all the divisions.divisional heads demand for returns from sectional heads.there is no respect in the police force because they are all involve in the collection.this day police men go out all in search of yahoo boys abandoning their duty post.bail can never be freee because all the policemen are involve