Nigeria Police officers extort each other

Nigeria Police officers extort each other

Some high ranked Police officers extort money from colleagues and low ranking police officers

Police officers don’t just extort money from Nigerian citizens, they also extort themselves too, an insider has revealed to Nigeria Police Watch.

The source said high ranking officers scoop junior officers’ salaries paid into their station accounts.

“Instances where a Police Officer’s allowance is paid to the Station officer who hijacks about two third of the money and still collect returns from the remaining money leaving the officers who performed the duty with nothing is saddening.

“In this era where the Inspector General of Police is making all effort to fight corruption and sanitize the Nigeria Police Force, corruption within the Force is at its peak.

“The IGP has really done a good job in checking corruption but a lot more have to be done. Checking corruption within the Force should have been the first step. God bless Nigeria Police Force! God bless Nigeria!!

CR Patrick