Baba Fryo threatens to sue the Nigerian Police for bone fracture

Baba Fryo

Baba Fryo

A popular musician, Baba Fryo has threatened to sue the Nigeria Police for bone fractures sustained in an assault by police officers in Lagos

Popular Nigerian ragae musician, Friday Igwe, aka Baba Fryo, has threatened to sue the Nigeria Police Force for injuries he sustained in an assault by five police officers in Lagos.

Baba Fryo, called in to Wazobia FM Lagos on Wednesday morning from his hospital bed in Lagos to say he was brutalized by the five police officers at Iyana Ishasi, a suburb of Lagos.

He said he attempted to stop the police officers from brutalizing two young ladies and they turned their aggression on him.

The musician said the incident happened on Tuesday after the two girls had rebuffed entreaties by two police officers to follow them to an unknown destination. He said the two police officers pounced on these girls, hitting them viciously with guns, batons and boots.

Baba Fryo said he heard the commotion from his room and went to the scene to to stop the molestation. And when he appealed to the police officer to stop the brutality, one of them rained slaps. They left him with a fractured leg.

He reported the matter to the DPO of a nearby police station and got sympathy. But Baba Fryo said he was taken aback when no mention was made of who would bear his medical expenses.

He said he would sue the police if nothing was done about the matter.

Baba Fryo is widely known for his hit track – Dem Go Dey Pose.

Culled from Info Naija