Nigeria Police officers in flagrant extortion in Ijebu Ode

Nigeria Police officers in flagrant extortion in Ijebu Ode

In Ijebu Ode, if Police Officers spot you cashing money from an ATM, dressed in jean and shirt, you are in.

A resident of Ijebu Ode in Ogun state wrote Nigeria Police Watch complaining of the high rate of police extortion and harassment in the area.

He said police officers in Ijebu Ode extort money from people daily, more than armed robbers steal from the residents of the area.

The resident, one of the score who have informed Nigeria Police Watch of the trend in the past, is asking the Inspector General of Police to come to their aid as these Police Officers seem to be terrorizing them and making money out from them.

“Please sir, we want the Inspector General of Police to help us call the Policemen in Ijebu Ode to order” he pleads. We the residents of Ijebu are not safe from the police that are supposed to guide us, they collect our phones and money for no reason, when you use the ATM they are there with their guns harassing you for money.

He also complained that they arrest people at random, take them to their station and ask for bails ranging from fifty to hundred thousand Naira.

“I have the names of these Police Officers and those in the crime department involved in this act,” he said.

“This can also be verified from any young man walking or driving to Ijebu Ode, Ijebu Igbo, Ago and Oru between 10am and 3pm to confirm, I was unduly accused of internet fraud and charged hundred thousand Naira”.

CR Demmy