Police in Nigeria arrests a dismissed police officer for rape offences

Crowd gathered in front of the building where the accused attempted raping the minor

Crowd gathered in front of the building where the accused attempted to rape the minor


Lagos State Police command has arrested a dismissed police officer, Sehinde Joseph, for allegedly attempting to rape a minor

Sehinde Joseph, a dismissed police officer has been arrested for allegedly attempting to rape his neighbours’ five year old daughter

The girl’s mother, Mary Adebola, an estate agent and Joseph’s neighbour had gone out to attend to some of her clients while he was in the compound alone with the girl.

Adebola said her timely arrival prevented Joseph from raping her only daughter.

“When I came back from where I had gone to see my clients, some streets away from here, I called out for my daughter, but she wasn’t forthcoming, she narrated.

“This was quite unusual and I kept on calling her name. Later, Joseph answered from his room and said he had sent her on an errand to get some beverages within the neighbourhood.

“I asked one of the children she plays with in the compound to check on her where Joseph said he sent her to but she was nowhere to be found.

“I became more worried and decided to peep through the mosquito net at his door and behold I spotted my daughter’s slippers in his sitting room” she said.

Mrs Adebola said that when she entered into Joseph’s sitting room, she saw the suspect adjusting his pants and her toddler kneeling down on the bare floor with her hands raised up.

“When I inquired from him why he was punishing my daughter in his bedroom and also giving me contradictory statements on her whereabouts, he said he did that to correct her habit of buying junk,” she said. “I immediately raised the alarm and people started converging on his apartment. When we undressed my daughter, we saw his semen flowing down her knees.

“My daughter has been living in palpable fear since that incident happened. She can no longer stay alone inside the room without somebody being with her. I just started working on her psychologically.”

She added that she had taken her to a hospital for a general medical check up and would be getting the results soon.

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