Cases of Nigeria police officers public fights on the rise

Three Nigeria Police officers fighting

Nigeria Police officers fighting

Two Nigeria Police officers, shameless, publicly exchanged fisticuffs in Lagos. They are not the first but add to a growing statistics

Two Officers of the Nigeria Police Force on Monday were engaged in a public fight at Bode Thomas Street, Lagos. Both officers wew later arrested by the District Police Officer (DPO) of Bode Thomas Police station.

The fight ensued after a police officer impounded the motorbike of another in mufti. The police officer in mufti parked his motorcycle in front of MTN office on the street and entered the telecommunication office for some business transactions, on coming out he realized his motorcycle have been impounded for not having a registration plate number and wrong parking.

The officer in mufti feeling disrespected, challenged the uniformed officer and sparked the fight.

Residents in the area called in the DPO in charge of Bode Thomas Police station who requested for an explanation from both officers. While the uniformed officer explained the brawl to his boss, the officer on mufti lost his temper and slapped the uniformed officer. The DPO subsequently ordered his arrest.

Police officers’ fights

Officers of the Nigeria Police Force, the supposed symbol of law and order in do not hesitate to fight themselves in public.

Public fights between officers of the Nigeria Police Force especially while in uniforms is a frequent phenomenon. Many of these fights result from sharing proceeds of bribe and extorted sums. Others, drunkenness use of hard drugs have been blamed for these public brawls.

Many public police officers’ fights have been recorded since 2010.

In March 2010 some Police officers were caught on camera engaged in a fight also in Lagos over N20 (Twenty Naira) bribe.

In November 2010, three Police officers were engaged in a fight in Ajegunle, along the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, endangering the lives of motorists and passersby with their AK 47 rifles held carelessly as they exchanged blows.

In June 2011, there was a recorded pandemonium at Obanikoro area of Lagos State when soldiers clashed with Police officers who were trying to stop the soldiers from using the BRT lane. That happened after a bloody clash in the previous month when in Badagry a soldier was killed and his colleagues retaliated by killing the Badagry DPO, DCO and other Police officers.

In December 2011, three police officers in uniform, publicly molested their uniformed mobile-police colleague and gave him the beating of his life in front of the Lagos State University (LASU). They pinned him to the ground in a gutter for allegedly escorting a vehicle without the necessary papers which is illegal in the Police Force.

Although the manhandled police officer repeatedly explained that he was only given a lift by a van driver from Mile 2 as he was on his way to Ajangbadi area of Lagos where he lives.

Many of these cases end up with the officers involved never reprimanded officially. Rather, they ‘settle man-to-man’ and move on.

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