Female Nigeria police officer intimidates, extorts Badmus

Female Nigeria police officer intimidates, extorts Badmus

Badmus was driving home when a female police officer charged and convicted him of traffic offence. He dropped her off at the police station and she parted with N7,000.

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“I was interrupted on my way after packing my goods on Araromi Street, on getting to Araromi junction; I was stopped by a female Police officer, Oluyemisi Oludare, who said I couldn’t reverse my car. I needed to reverse because cars were passing and I can’t hit them and to also pave way for other cars.”

She said she was going to burst my tires if I attempted to reverse and was bent on not letting mi go unless I paid eighteen thousand Naira (N18, 000). I had to beg her to and she ended up collecting seven thousand Naira (N7, 000) before she let me go in front of the station where I dropped her.

I could not follow her inside the station because I knew she was going to say things terrible things that I didn’t do to her colleagues to believe her and there was no one to speak for me to prove her wrong.

It‘s a pity we are so scared of Nigeria Police officers who are our supposed ‘friends’.

CR Badmus