Nigeria police recovers stolen cars in Kaduna

Police Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba

Deputy Force Public Relations Officer Frank Mba

The Nigeria police Special Task Force (STF) recovers nineteen stolen cars in Kaduna

The police Special Task-force on Heinous Crimes acting on tip-off has recovered nineteen stolen cars in Kaduna. The Special Task Force was established by Inspector General Mohammed Abubakar to tackle various forms of crime including car theft.

The Deputy Force Public Relations Officer Frank Mba said that “the Task-force raided some criminal hide-outs in Kaduna between August 22 and 28, and recorded a major break-through. The Task-force working on a tip-off, in reaction to the upsurge in incidents of car theft in some parts of the country smashed and arrested a 3-man syndicate that specializes in car theft. The syndicate made disclosures that led to the recovery of nineteen vehicles of various makes and brands.

“Information of this recovery has since been disseminated to all the thirty-seven state police commands for circulation to the public, to enable persons whose vehicles were stolen to come forth for necessary identification and possible collection.”

The vehicles recovered included; Toyota Camry (Gold) with chassis number 4TIBG22K71U09711, Golf Wagon (Navy blue) with chassis WUWZZZ1HZSW1053, Opel Vectra (1.81, Maroon) with chassis WOLOOOO8S5273647, Honda accord (Ash) with chassis IHGC6546XA802693 and Nissan Primera (Red) chassis JNIBAAN15U0510309.

Honda Accord (Gold) with chassis JHMCM45503C201055, Honda Civic (Black) with chassis JHMEG3200S212494, Honda CRV (Black) with chassis JHLRD1858VC807859, Honda Civic (Dark green) with chassis 2HGEJ6670VH555237, Honda Civic (Black) with chassis JHME044500S026250, Honda Accord (Green) with chassis IHGCG565XXA0444991, Toyota Camry (Golden) with chassis 4TIBG22K2WU1898927 and Honda Academy (Green) with chassis IHCD66XTA141698.

Others are Honda Accord (Golden) with chassis IHGCG564XYA149622, Honda CRV (Ash) with chassis JHLRE48527C043010, Toyota Camry LE (Dark Ash) with chassis 4TIB322K33U776092, Nissan Pathfinder (Dark Ash) with chassis 5N1AR18W55C749614), Toyota Corolla (Ash) with chassis INXBU4EE4AZ359074 and Honda CRV (Red) with chassis JHLLRD1853VCO12900.

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