Police arrested, brutalized, extorted me of N10,000

Inspector general of Nigeria Police Force

Inspector General of Police

Police officers from Agbado Police station, Lagos arrested us unjustly, beat us mercilessly and charged us N10,000 as bail

A resident of Agbado area of Lagos tells a horrible story of police intimidation and extortion in the area. Regularly, police officer raid his neighborhood, arrest people and extort them of N10,000 for bail.

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“We were in front of our house on Tuesday morning about some minutes past 10 O’Clock, a bus drove by with some armed police officers. They came down from their bus with guns, some people around on seeing them stop ran away afraid of that it might be robbers, we were even calling them that they are not armed robbers but Police officers.

Then all of a sudden the leader of the team said we should all get into the bus. When we were asked what our offence was they all cocked their gun and then started beating us. To avoid any more troubles or mishap, we followed them to their station at Agbado Police station where they left us in an office for over one hour for no reason.

A team led by Inspector Dele asked us to write a statement which we did, when our family members visited us at the station, the police officers demanded for N10,000 (Ten thousand Naira) for bail. We paid and they let us go.

The second day around the same time these police officers came again with their bus and arrested another set of people and this has become their stock in trade since then.

I thereby use this opportunity to appeal to the IG, Mohammed Abubakar, to use your office to investigate this matter and curb the illicit act of this police officers in Agbado area before it gets out of hand. Thank you.

CR Ijaola  Abiodun Gideon