The Nigeria police extortion game in Sango Otta

Police brutality

Police brutality

A Nigerian living in Germany came home, went out at night to relive past pleasures and the police seized him. His case reveals the dangerous growth police intimidation and extortion game in the area.

Read his story:

“I am a Lagos born Nigerian living in Germany. I visited Nigeria in July and stayed tilled August 2012. On the 25th of August I took a stroll out in Oyero road in Ogba Ayo Ijoko, Sango Otta to get some fresh air and a feel of the night life too.”
“I decided to relax in at about 8pm in some local joint with some palm wine when some Police officers came in and dragged me away into their bus threatening to shoot me if I resisted. On getting to their station, I was asked to sit on the ground and was accused of caught smoking cannabis which I’ve never use all my life.”

“Luckily someone who knew me came around to inquire what was going on and asked them to release me saying that I couldn’t have done such. These Police officers agreed to let me go but not until they collected the sum of Four Thousand Naira (N4, 000) from me.”


    also police men attached to Alakuko police station also behave like rogues and arrest motorcyclists with impunity, they are not friendly and mostly hostiles to people in the community.
    The police authority should pls do something about it.

  • Lettie

    What a shame,will they ever change?