Nigeria Police officers accused of breaching privacy laws in Ikotun

Nigeria police officers

Nigeria police officers

A compliant of police harassment and brutality by Yemi, a resident of Ikotun in Lagos, highlights the extra-judicial and intimidating practices of Nigeria police officers.

Yemi was a victim of police harassment and intimidation. His privacy was breached.  His complaints are common knowledge in Lagos streets but both police authorities and the government ignore the abuses, letting it thrive.

His story:

“My name is Yemi, I live in Ikotun Lagos, where you can not go about your daily activities without harassment from police officers of the Area M police headquarters.

Once you are seen around with a laptop, Blackberry phone or any portable device, the police automatically believes you are an internet criminal.

Here, you cannot go to the banks neither can you move about freely. Recently it has become a crime in Ikotun to have a foreign contact on your phone.

The police here force people to write false statement, beat and threaten to shoot if you do not comply.

One time I was taken to Ikotun police station because I was with my laptop and they said they need to check what was on my laptop. which I followed them, they checked through to their satisfaction and after
which they said they don’t believe I have have nothing and wanted to search my house.

The officers in Ikotun that are into this act are: Lucky, Ehis, Collins, Stanley, Fred, Efosa to mention but a few, and for the Area M Headquarters are: Wummi, Scorpion, Inspector Tunde (kabiyesi), AK, John, Bode.

I was beaten mercilessly at Egbeda for asking why I was being taken to their station and not following them.

The superior officer know this is happening that is why I’m writing to a higher authority than the police Area command. Please I want this to be heard and checked. How can someone live in an area where your constitutional right is deprived. We live in fear and go out in fear here.”

Are you a resident of Ikotun in Lagos? What do you think about Yemi’s story?

  • dickson

    It is true, YEMI is right, the above mentioned named are real and they are all thiefs, they have forced a friend to remit the sum of 50,000 naira for nothing, all they do is illegal job, Wunmi, kabiesi, scorpion and others are all criminals….

  • smith

    yes yemi story is true and please authority need to check those command for real