Nigeria police officers lied, forced me to LATSMA rehab – Ben

Nigeria police officers lied, forced me to LATSMA rehab – Ben

A resident of Lagos, Ben, narrates how Nigeria police officer arrested him on the CMS bridge, on his way from work one evening. He said they accused him after he refused to comply with their bribery demands.

“October, 10 2012 I was on my way home from work at about 6 pm, I made a quick stop by the road side on the CMS bridge to attend to some issues.

Before I knew it, a patrol vehicle with a bold inscription ‘GOVERNORS OFFICE’ pulled up and asked me to follow them with one officer by Name Paul in my vehicle.

He tried to make me negotiate but when he found out I was a christian, he decided to punish me, they took me to Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) office at Olowu handed me over to LASTMA official and made sure I was booked, they laid false allegations against me and made the LASTMA official take me to their rehabilitation school.

I was charged and my vehicle impounded for a crime i did not commit, I keep wondering if it is now the job of the Nigeria police to arrest motorist for LASTMA.

This continues with no one to defend the rights of the ordinary people in Lagos state when their rights are infringed on falsely accused

CR Ben