Police roadblock, extortion persists in Lagos

Police extortion at a roadblock

Police extortion at roadblocks still an issue in the Nigeria Police Force

A resident hints about the persistent roadblock and extortion by police officers in a Lagos suburb.

High ranking Nigeria police officers, including Assistant Superintendent of Police and Inspectors gang up to mound roadblocks in Ago Okota area of Lagos, Johnson Ibeji, a resident has said.


Mr Ibeji told Nigeria Police Watch that the officers regularly  mount the roadblocks to collect N50 from motorist along the Mile 2, Ago palace way by Trinity bus stop.
“I think that is the place we have the worst indecent and uncivilized police officers in the federation who still use the rickety pick-up van to extort money from okada and motorists with impunity,” he said.
“I always feel ashamed to see an ASP, Inspector stand to collect N50 from a motorist along Mile 2 Ago palace way Trinity bus stop. I feel ashamed, and something should be done if the good works of the IGP
should be given kudos.”
He called on the Inspector General of police, Mohammed Abubakar, who had earlier proscribed roadblocks by police officers in Nigeria to please call his officers to order.“The IG should please try as much as he can to curb the excesses of the police at Ago police station in Okota Lagos.