Is there anything Nigeria Police Watch can render to rescue us in Oko-Oba, Abulegba Inward area in Lagos state?

Police brutality to citizen comic

Police brutality

A resident of Oko-Oba in Lagos state calls out for help over police brutality and harassment in Oka-Oba area of Lagos state.

 “Police officers in Oko-Oba Police Station under Area G, Lagos always brutalize residents living in that axis.

We all know that Governor Fashola restricted Okada operation on some dual-carried-ways in Lagos but  to my surprise, the police officers in Oko-Oba operate on their own laws, different from the Lagos law we all know by avoiding the all these major road and going into the streets harassing and brutalizing “okada riders’.

Most of the streets they terrorize include: Olaniyi Street, Agbe Road, Sanni Balogun,Charity Road which are not included in the restricted areas according to the Lagos law.

They go about preventing residents living in that axis from getting bikes to their destinations, even sometimes these so-called police officers will hit us (both passenger and Okada riders ) and push us into the gutters with their patrol vehicle especially on very bad roads.

Above all I will be glad to see changes in the Nigerian police officers as they are her for our safety not to terrorize or brutalize us.”

CR Akande