Nigeria Police officers turn ‘Okada’ riders to ATM machines in Lagos

Nigeria Police officer and an Okada rider

Nigeria Police officer and an Okada rider

A resident, Balogun area in Lagos state have complained about the consistent harassment of motorcyclist popularly known as Okada riders by Nigeria Police officers in Lagos. He said the police officer have turned the riders into an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

His story:

It’s quite unfortunate that Nigeria Police Force, NPF have turned Okada riders to ATM, they go as far as seizing their bikes on the streets at 5.30am everyday at Balogun/Gudugba area of Ishaga.

They pursue the riders till they somersault or hit something and get them wounded, the other day one
fainted and we cannot even say for sure what happened to him or his corpse if he had died because the police officers carried him away with his Okada.


They wake us up early in the morning with noise of pursuit everyday within our street’s bus stop:  Alhaji Ganiyu Street and Fred Williams street.


CR Segun Alaba

  • The Okada incident is just the beginning oh, see their lastest demise…
    Can someone tell; when did the IG of Police give instructions that Nigeria Police should now stop traffic offenders, most especially in the dead of the night.
    Can you imagine that the policemen at Isaac John Ikeja Nitel junction now go about stopping cars that beat the traffic light late at night in the guise that these where instructions from the IG of Police, instead of doing their job to safe guard that junction which is notorious for its numerous theft and armed robber incident.

    Its most alarming when you hear this from their so called team leader…