Soldiers and mobile police officers resolve clash

Three Nigeria Police officers fighting

Police officers fighting


A misunderstanding that eventually led to a duel between some soldiers and officer of the Nigeria Police Force on Thursday has been resolved.

It was reported on Thursday by PREMIUM TIMES that some soldiers and officers of the Nigeria Police force were involved in a fight in
Dongoyaro area of Bauchi.

The fight which ensued when some soldiers with military pick up van approached a traffic caused by a check mobile police routine check point, the soldiers asked the mobile police officers to make way for them to pass through and when the officers on duty declined a fight ensued followed by random gunshots.

When the Bauchi police spokesperson, Hassan Mohammed was contacted by PREMIUM TIMES on Thursday, he said the police were still investigating the issue on ground and that a meeting wass being held by some officers to find out what actually happened and those involved in the duel.

“It just happened now, I advice you call back later because we are in a meeting with some officials to know what happened exactly, and those that were involved,” Mr. Mohammed said.

Later when Mr. Mohammed was contacted again, his response was that it was just a minor misunderstanding between officers at the place of assignment and that the issues have been resolved amicably.

“They just had a minor disagreement between themselves at their place of assignment and everything was resolved instantly, it’s hard to understand why people are making a big deal out it all. There is a great synergy between the Police and the Nigerian Army,” Mr. Mohammed said.

One could then wonder if a duel between men proposed to be custodian of orderliness and security could result to sporadic gunshots, what will be the fate of the people they claim to guard ?