Drunk police officer intimidates, extorts Lagos resident for entering hotel

Nigeria Police Officers

Nigeria Police Officers

A drunk police officer, Abogunrin Mohammed, on Sunday allegedly intimidated and extorted a resident of Lagos, for “entering a hotel.”

The victim, Wole Atiku, said he was driving within Oyingbo through Island Hotel Lagos when Mr. Mohammed, apparently under the influence of alcohol stopped and accused him of entering the hotel compound.

“On may, 5 at about 5:30pm I was driving within Oyingbo navigating through the Island Hotel, Oyingbo Lagos to approach Oyingbo bus-stop when one police officer, Abogunrin Muhammed, under the influence of alcohol with a gun stopped me.

“He said i had committed a state offence by entering a hotel compound. He fined me N15, 000, for the ‘offence’ after noticing that I had all the necessary documents for my car.

” He insisted on collecting N10, 000 last, while threatening me with the gun in his hand.

“When I observed that he was already drunk and he can do and undo after all the argument and all, I then agreed that I want to follow him to his station after he collected my driving license and my car key.

“He explained that once he takes me to his station that they will fine me N70, 000 and my car will be impounded till the following day.

“So I had to beg him and gave him N5, 000.”

Mr. Atiku pleaded with the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to call his officers to order with regards to their drinking habit, especially when on duty with firearms.

The IG of police had recently threatened to dismiss police officers caught drunk while in uniforms. Drunk policing is a frequent occurrence in the Nigeria Police Force and is blamed for a large chunk of police misdemeanors. Since issuing drunk policing warning, the IG is yet to catch or dismiss any officer. The act continues unabated.