Lamurde residents beg for police protection

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A Resident of Balaifi, Lamurde Local Government Area of Adamawa State, Jerry Odokiya, has asked for protection from the police as his people continues to live under fear of attack by neighbouring Shobbo.

Mr. Odokiya said that following an attack on his village by Shobbo people, residents of Balaifi no longer shut their eyes in sleep. The attack which led to the death of an old man, destruction of property and killing of livestock also left many struggling for food and shelter.

He explained that Shobbo people are threatening to attack, Balafai again “Children find it hard to go to school for fear of attacks from Shobbo people,” he said.

“Shobbo people are still threatening to come to fight us again after what they have done so far and now schools are open but everyone is afraid to go to school both the student and the teachers, about two days woman and children left their homes, ran into the bush for safety. I am please calling for urgent help from police because people can’t afford to lose the little they have.” Mr. Odokiya added.