New Ondo police chief gets 500 petitions daily

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The Ondo state Police Commissioner, Patrick Dukumor, said his office receives no fewer than 500 petitions daily since his arrival in the state few months ago.

Many of the complaints are frivolous and centre on chieftaincy, land disputes and minor cases that should have been ordinarily settled in a family way, the police chief said.

“I know that people of the state are very intelligent and educated and I respect them so much; however, I feel disturbed by the level of petitions coming to my office. l took my time to go through all of them and l have discovered that they are baseless, lack substance and need not be investigated,” Mr. Dukumor said.

“People should also learn how to be their brother’s keeper and live in love with one another rather than writing unnecessary petitions that lack merit. There are some of these petitions that would have been properly handled at the divisional police level but people would still want to bug me with petitions.”

Mr. Dukumo spoke while addressing officers and men of Ondo Area Command at the Yaba Divisional Police Headquarters, Ondo during the continuation of his familiarization for tour of police formations across the state.

He however warned that the command would start arresting people who write frivolous petitions to mislead police authorities in the state.

This step, he said, would discourage some people from writing fake petitions to the police. He called on the people of the state to learn how to live in peace and harmony.

“I have warned my men not to dabble into land cases or chieftaincy affairs but rather advice parties involved in such matters to go to court and settle their cases. Some of the petitioners have approached me to take chieftaincy title but I turn them down because l don’t need it,” said Mr. Dukumor who hails from Bayelsa State.

“Any policeman who wants to take chieftaincy title while still in office should have a rethink before accepting such titles.”

He however assured the law abiding citizens of the state that genuine petitions would be treated on the basis of its merit and importance.

Culled from Premium Times