Please save us from a corrupt DPO

Please save us from a corrupt DPO

A resident of Abavo area of Delta State has asked the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to save his community from a corrupt Divisional Police Officer, Valentine Nbalu.

He alleges that the police officer intimidates and oppresses residents.

“The DPO Abavo police station, Valantine Nbalu is playing one side game because of the money one Uche Irenuma always give to him, to intimidate and oppress Abavo people, he bought new car few days ago from the money Uche gave to him.

I always have problem with Valantine Nbalu the DPO Abavo police station because I want them to stop intimidating and oppressing my people, please Abavo people need the help of the IGP to stop this intimidations and oppressions from Abavo police Station.

Mr. Nbalu was paid by Uche Irenuma to oppress us, please the people of the world, we need your support and help to stop all this Intimidation.

CR Augustine