Nigeria police officers unlawfully detain businessman, demand N300,000 bail ransom

A misunderstanding between two business associates of 7 years has resulted in the illegal arrest and detention of Francis Obi of Allied Drilling Company Ltd. Lagos.

He was arrested by some “ill identified” security operatives in Lagos on 26 June 2013. His arrest was arranged by one Ikenna Okoye of Great Lake Oil and Gas Ltd. Sokoto, a partner in the sales of drilling equipment, an NGO monitoring the case said.

Both businessmen had a disagreement over the quality of a Water
Drilling Rig sold to the later by the former to the tune of N35 Million on May 23, 2013 in Lagos. This resulted in the arrest
and detention of Mr. Obi in Sokoto State CID office till date.

A petition on the matter to the Inspector General of Police by Network on Police Reform in Nigeria, NOPRIN, said the officers who arrested Mr. Obi disguised their identity to transport Mr. Obi to Sokoto, after arresting him in Lagos.

They bundled him without announcing his crime, out of the jurisdiction of the alleged offence – he was later told about. They also denied him opportunity to speak with his lawyer and family.

More so, the arresting police officers have demanded a ransom of N300,000 for his bail, against police rules and regulations which stipulates that bail is free.

Mr. Ikenna, the mastermind of the illegal arrests, has then boasted of riding on the backing of “his friend” the Inspector General of Police to intimidate the victim, NOPRIN said.