Reported Crime: Rising lawlessness in Amede, Akpugo of Enugu state

This is a reported crime published for public information. The police should investigate the claims of the writer.

Sir, in the interest of peace and security of the innocent, it has become
necessary to bring to your desk the criminal activities of some
 rural gangs who feel that the Government is not close enough to
notice their unlawful activities, especially against the innocent
minority in the village.

I write to report the activities of some youths of a notable village called Amede in Akpugo Town. Akpugo is the next village to Agbani in Nkanu West Local Government Area of Enugu State.

I am just a concerned citizen from another village.

Sir, the notorious activities of those youths is so bad and against the law and government, as they have terrorized other neighbouring villages.

Therefore, I feel they should be stopped because their notoriety is against morality of the innocent public and the law. They threatened the rest of the society not to report their activities to the police, leaving them in constant fear
and hopelessness.

They have constituted themselves into a very big terror to the society since they started their so-called youth organization. They intrude into people’s family issues, beat up their victims, snatch people’s belongings and have committed so many other horrible and untold atrocities against the voiceless innocent minority in the village.

The gang is made up of: Eku Onuigbo, Chikwe, Ejike Aningene, Ike Nshiodo, Ndu Roberts, Ede Chikodiri, Monday Obuga, Ogonna and some others in the notorious clique.

They are commercial motorcycle (okada) riders and they are known for using cell phones to assemble themselves. Some of them like Eku Onuigbo, Ejike Aningene, Monday Obuga, Ogonna and some others have in several instances , barged into local ceremonies to demand for money with the use of force. They beat-up people who resisted them and obstruct the ceremony.

It is a serious case of growing lawlessness.

They are supported (and sponsored) by a man identified as Onyema and his brothers – Ekete, Ogbuanu and a few other elders including one woman called Georgina who sells meat and wine to them (the notorious clique) at the village square (even late at night).

Please Sir, for God’s sake, wade in and get these criminals arrested and seriously punished so that other rural dwellers emulating them could be discouraged, because the situation is escalating.

So also that some rural dwellers may know that they are not above the law and government and that the minority have their rights and freedom of life and association – they are intimidated and voiceless.

The innocent citizens in the rural areas do not have peace any longer because of the gang. The situation is something you need to see than only be told of. It is like hell!

Please do not hesitate to save the persecuted for God’s sake.


Writer’s identity shielded for the sake of  retributions.