Constable Reports: Squad Abandoned in Port Harcourt

Senior Police Officers have been consistently criticized by both the rank and file and civilians for incompetence in securing the country; given the present security situation of the country at the moment.

Nigeria Police Watch have received series of disturbing e-mails from junior police officers complaining about the attitude of senior police officers who are supposed to be exemplary colleagues.

A constable attached to a squad dispatched to Port Harcourt on special duty writes in our latest Constable Reports.
“Presently I am on special duty at Port Harcourt, the U/C that led us to the special duty is not competent. He has practically abandoned us for two months now, he doesn’t care how we survive…There is enough corruption in the system that we can’t voice out”.

Another constable writing from Benin City laments that the senior police officers even go as far as coaching them on how to carry out illegal and corrupt practices.

“They send us to school with no writing materials; they always expect us to perform some kind
of magic on the field, because we dare not report at the end of the
day with a negative result”.

It is ridiculous to find out that most constables dispatched on special duty end up not receiving their allowances and special duty entitlements.

Most times they source for funds elsewhere to feed themselves while still on special duty.

This is quite unfair!

No wonder they tend to vent on innocent law abiding civilians. These reports are unhealthy and discouraging. For a country under serious security threat by different terrorist groups, these reports reveal that there is a breach of necessity somewhere.

Nigeria Police Watch hereby call for thorough cleansing of the force to reassure Nigerians of their safety. We call on the Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to take prompt actions on these disappointing reports as it is consistently denting the image of the foremost security organization in the country.