Police Road Block/Extortion Spotted in Sokoto

Police Road Block/Extortion Spotted in Sokoto.

I would like to report police extortion along Wurno LGA road, Sokoto.
Men of the Nigeia Police Force dispatched on patrol along the above named road are seriously extorting motorists.
It has got to an extent where the commercial motorists themselves have become used to the system. They (the police) wave down an oncoming vehicle and instructs the driver to ‘park well’. Knowing what to do, the driver would walk straight to a senior officer waiting in the patrol van parked some meters from the road and pay his dues before he’s allowed to continue. Once the dues have been payed, They don’t even care about searching the vehicle again. This is very disturbing. What this means is that the NPF have been turned into a money making venture, and that the average Nigerian has no security guaranty, as a criminal could also pay his way through what is supposed to be a check-point.

I think this should stop, and the Commissioner of Police of Sokoto state should call his men to order. I also suggest that a sanitary team be established to always check the activities of police men on patrol.
Thank you.
By Anonymous.