Rise of Crime In Eagle Island, Rivers State

Please help us secure the lives and properties of people living in
Eagle Island, a small Island near Agip, behind the Rivers State
University of Sci & Tech. It has become a hood/hiding place for all
sort of criminal activities ranging from day and night robbery, theft,
rape to cult related activities.

These activities are on the rise and quite alarming; We the dwellers
hardly sleep at night.

Our worry is that the police station here is very understaffed. even
the few ones around are not equipped to combat these hoodlums. The
patrol team in Eagle Island comes almost daily but usually 9pm-10 or
11pm. However, their (hoodlums) activities are well co-ordinated.

People are now making plans to protect themselves here and I fear, it
might result to something drastic.

Please, lets avoid what happened in Aluu from happening in Eagle Island.
Thank You